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Our Services

We provide a wide range of creative services

To find a happy balance between life and work, Inforites is a one-stop destination. And this vision makes our community as one of the best staffing company in the USA. We believe that, if candidates are offered their dream placements they contribute positively to the work and become successful in their life. All our community members are effortlessly working with integrity to find the perfect workforce solution. Our personalized service, allows the maximal utilization of resources to offer highest quality benefit to both our clients and candidates.

W2/Contract Staffing

Our staffing company is one of the pioneers in this aspect. We properly document the skills, experience, cultural match and personal attributes to our concerned team to offer best workforce solution. We hire our candidates on W2 basis as full-time employees of Inforties and they work on the payroll of the same. Once candidates start working with Inforites, we provide all kinds of facilities including visa sponsorship and project continuity. In our company, when a project is completed, we offer another project from other client. That is as long as candidates are connected with our company, they will never run out of work opportunities. Moreover, just getting our candidates placed was never our aim, what we want is enhanced long term relationships not only in business but also as individuals. Our company provides full benefits, competitive compensation, comfortable working ambience and every other reason be a member of our community over a prolonged period of time.

Permanent Staffing

Inforites maintains a proper data base of our candidates including their skills and preferences. Since some of our candidates seek permanent positions with our clients, we match the profile of such candidates and the current marketplace to fulfil their dreams of getting placed. Here candidates work on the payroll of the client’s firm. However, our company provides permanent staffing mostly on demand basis. If requests come from client’s side, we meet the candidates to their desired positions with our clients. Candidates are provided insights by our team and then our clients evaluate them through the interview process and select the candidates as per their requirements, criteria and background.

Area Of Specialization

Inforites has been the pioneer match-makers for job-seekers and their dream placements. Our specialization areas for Employee Service are:

IT and Software
Finance, Banking & Insurance
Human Resources
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Telecommunication & Networking
E-Commerce & Logistics Supply Chain

Payroll & Benefits

Inforites payroll position of all varieties and levels. We take responsibility for all kinds of federal and state documentation criteria. We also satisfy all payroll tax liabilities, workers’ compensation, issue W2s and grant employee benefits such as:

  • Transparent and Flexible compensation policy.
  • H1B Sponsorship for our consultant.
  • Relocation charges will be provided to you during your project migration.
  • Accommodation arrangements will be provided for one week in clients place unless you get
  • your own arrangements
  • Travel expenses would be covered for all face to face interviews anywhere in USA.
  • Two weeks of yearly paid vacation will be provided.
  • Health and medical benefits will be provided during projects which include:
  • Medical, Dental and Vision benefits after 60 days of employment.
  • Health insurance eligible immediately after 60 days of employment.
  • Short term and long-term disability after 60 days of employment.
  • On job, technical support during the project.
  • Free Skill development programs as per the projects need.
  • And others.


There is no shortcut to knowledge, perseverance and hard work. Realization of dreams isn’t possible without job-oriented trainings. The knowledge that you acquire from schools isn’t enough to match the requirements of the recruiting team. That is why, we are here. We provide quality training through professional trainers on the topics, subjects and technologies that you need to learn to fulfil your dream of getting placed in desired position.

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